IT Company

Magical Character is an Innovative corporation founded by 4 experts in different technology fields. The company main activity is focusing on New Ideas, Startup activities and Innovation actions. Magical Character Team believe in the magic of Innovation in development of its activities and try to advance in the services and products by international collaborations and virtual team setup with members from all over the world.

Data Mining

Definitely understanding your data can prompt better dynamic, quality in processes, consumer loyalty, and lower costs and at last improved organization income. Yet, if data mining is done in-house, it can take a lot of time and cash to execute. So outsourcing data mining task is consistently a smart thought so as to concentrate on your business activities.


Magical Character CRM is the most advanced customer relationship management platform designed to enhance the management system, increase sales and customer satisfaction, develop the right customer-centric culture, and create a secure environment for the storage and use of organizational information

Remote Sensing

Satellite Earth Observation is a form of remote sensing focused on obtaining information about the Earth’s surface and atmosphere from platforms up to 36,000km away in space. The derived information does not originate from a single satellite mission but a whole range of satellites with different instrumentation and mission objectives.

Software Application Design and Implementation

Personally and Administrative Applications

Banking and Financial Systems

Web Based Applications with .Net Core,PHP ,Python

System software with Languages such as Visual C++

Mobile Application Development

ICT Consultancy and Training

Information Technology Management systems ITIL and ISO 20000

Organization Total Solutions and ERP

Infrastructure Network Design of Data Centers

Software Security and Penetration Test

Design, implementation and maintenance of Telecommunication and IT Networks

Feasibility study and design of LAN,MAN and Wan Networks

Data center design, implementation and maintenance according to BICSI and TIA standards

Design, Installation and proviso of Satellite Systems

Hybrid network design and Implementation